How to Prepare for your Maternity Session

“What do I need to bring?”

“I don’t know how to pose” 

“I’m really not photogenic” 

“I’m camera shy” 

“How do I know what to dress my husband in? or kids!”

“I don’t own anything fancy like that” 

These are all common things that are said to me prior to a mama booking her maternity session. And if you have never shot with me these are all very understandable feelings and concerns. However, I am here to alleviate every single one of them. 

First, you only need to bring underwear. I recommend a strapless bra and seamless panties in a skin tone. We have dresses, fabrics, jackets, capes, everything you could need. 

Secondly, when I get in front of a camera I ALSO shy up and have no idea what to do. That is my job as your photographer to help you look your absolute best. Everyone is photogenic, everyone. 

Next, being camera shy is totally fine! I am not here to make you do things that are uncomfortable. We are here to help you feel beautiful. We will work with your comfort level to get you out of that shell. 

This one is always tough, but I’ve got you here too! We have solid color-neutral shirts for dads. If dad is really picky we always recommend a black, white, and grey shirt. That will match everything we will put you in. In addition, we have an EXTENSIVE collection of gowns for your little girls and outfits for your kids. Ranging from newborn to teen!

Last, but certainly not least, you don’t have to own anything fancy – because I have it all for you! This is such a huge thing for our studio as we provide all of the beautiful, elegant, maternity dresses for your sessions. 

While picture day always can feel like stress, we are here to make this maternity session the session of your dreams. If you have more questions and are ready to set up your date, let’s chat! 

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