Chelsey’s Studio Maternity Session

Thinking about a studio maternity session?

Maternity perfection? I think so.

Of course, all of my clients are *truly* perfect. I am not sure how I got so lucky to get such beautiful women here non-stop. I love the simplicity of this session. Focusing on the glory of her pregnancy, you can feel her love for this sweet boy.

Chelsey decided to wear our beautiful mauve gown, utilize a flowy white fabric, and brought a body suit and jeans for a more casual look. This deluxe maternity session was exactly what she was hoping for and we brought her vision to life! Our deluxe studio maternity session is an hour long which typically provides time for 3-4 outfits with a backdrop for each one.

You can find out more about our deluxe maternity session here on our services page! Most mamas book their maternity sessions around 20 weeks gestation. This gives you plenty of time to while ensuring there is room on our calendar. I recommend shooting your maternity session around 30-32 weeks gestation. If you’re due with multiples I recommend 28-30 weeks!

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