20 Questions to ask your Phoenix newborn photographer

Dad holding baby for newborn session

When planning a photoshoot for your newborn, it’s important to ensure that you and the photographer are on the same page. Here are some key questions to ask your newborn photographer to help you make an informed decision. Although you should always use your own discretion, we are always happy to ensure your baby is safe. Even if you don’t choose us to capture your newborn session!

20 Questions to ask your Phoenix newborn photographer

  • Experience and Style
    1. How many years have you been photographing newborns?
    2. Can I see your portfolio?
    3. What approach do you take when photographing newborns?

Dad holding baby for newborn session

  • Safety and Comfort
    4.  What safety measures do you take during the shoot?
    5.  Are you trained in handling newborns?
    6.  How do you ensure my baby stays comfortable and safe during the session?

Baby posing on yellow backdrop for newborn session

  •  Logistics
    7.  How long does a typical newborn session last?
    8. When is the best time to schedule the shoot?
    9. Do you provide props and outfits, or should we bring our own?

Baby posed in purple bucket for phoenix newborn session

  •   Packages and Pricing
    10. What packages do you offer and what is included in each?
    11.  Do you offer digital files, prints, or both?
    12. Are there any additional costs we should be aware of?

Baby wrapped in yellow fabric for newborn portraits in phoenix

  • Preparation and Session Details
    13. How should we prepare for the session?
    14. Can siblings or parents be included in the photos?
    15. Do you have a studio, or do you offer on-location sessions?

Baby posed in crate wrapped in pink wrap with headband for newborn photography session

  •  Editing and Delivery
    16. How much editing do you do on the photos?
    17. How long does it take to receive the final images?
    18. Will we have a say in which photos are edited?

Parents holding newborn baby in phoenix newborn studio

  • Reviews and References
    19. Can you provide references from past clients?
    20. Do you have any testimonials or reviews we can read?

Baby posed in velvet outfit for newborn portraits in phoenix

These questions will help you gauge the photographer’s expertise, approach, and whether they align with your expectations for capturing precious moments with your newborn. Reconsider photographer who will not discuss or disclose these (importantly, the safety issues) topics. However, when it comes to handling your newborn baby, there should be no question about if they’re qualified.

Baby wrapped in sage green wrap for newborn portraits

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