• Three OB/GYNs in Gilbert, Arizona that you’ll want to know

    Three OB/GYNs in Gilbert, Arizona that you’ll want to know

    My business is babies – and motherhood – and not only do I want to make sure all my little clients have the cutest pictures, I want to ensure they are finding the best medical care possible. Finding a good Ob/Gyn is crucial to your pregnancy journey. Having someone who will listen to your concerns, care for you and your baby, and be with you every step of your journey. However, as a mother I know it can be hard to know who you can trust. With every new mom that comes in my studio, I take the time to ask about her experience with her Ob/GYN. I have compiled a list of the best ob/gyns in Gilbert, Arizona over the last few months that have come SO highly recommended from past clients! Here are the physicians my clients and myself have loved the most, in no particular order.

    OB/GYNs in Gilbert Arizona that you need to know!

    Mom & dad posing for maternity portrait session in Phoenix, Arizona


    Lilac Ob/Gyn 

    Lilac Ob/Gyn has multiple east valley locations. They have multiple practitioners available and in house ultrasounds. My clients love that there are always physicians available whenever an issue arrises.

    Mom posing for studio maternity portrait in black leather jacket session after visiting best ob/gyn in Gilbert, Arizona

    Lily of The Valley

    Dr. Garza at Lily of The Valley is one of the most loved OB/Gyns. My clients have truly raved about his level of care. He is located right next to Mercy Grace hospital off the 202/Val Vista in Gilbert.

    Mom & dad posing for studio maternity portrait session after visiting best ob/gyn in Gilbert, Arizona

    New Horizons Women’s Care

    New Horizons Women’s care has 5 locations. From Gilbert to Casa Grande. Two Chandler locations and Ahwatukee. My clients loved that they had care no matter where they were at in the valley. Not only do they have multiple locations, but they offer a variety of in house procedures to save you time. New Horizons Women’s Care offers more than just prenatal care, they are able to care for you before and after your pregnancy to ensure you are healthy in all aspects of your journey.

    Maternity portrait studio after mom visits best ob/gyn in Gilbert Arizona

    Looking for more information on a newborn or maternity session? Check out some of these other blogs! If you’re ready to book your Phoenix Maternity session Head over to our contact form to get started.

    How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session

    Intimate Studio Maternity Session

    Phoenix Studio Maternity Session


  • How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session

    How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session

    Meet Kathryn, who goes by Rynn. She is the 5th Kathryn in her family and I’m honestly obsessed with the name being passed down! This girl was so soft, squishy, and most importantly sleepy. Have you ever wondered how to prepare for your newborn session? There are a lot of things you can do prior to your newborn session to help you prepare. But don’t forget, we work on their time! We can do all the things in the world, and sometimes they just won’t want to sleep.

    Here are some tips for a successful newborn session with a sleepy baby:

    1. Timing is Key: Newborns tend to sleep more soundly during the first two weeks of life. Aim to schedule the session within this timeframe for the best chance of getting those adorable sleepy shots. When you’re ready to schedule yours, send us a message on our contact form here
    2. Keep the Baby Comfortable: Ensure the room is warm enough for the baby to be comfortable without clothes. This will help them stay relaxed and sleepy throughout the session. White noise machines help create a soothing atmosphere. You can buy the one we use on this link
    3. Feed the Baby: A well-fed baby is more likely to fall into a deep sleep. Encourage parents to feed the baby right before the session to increase the chances of them drifting off.
    4. Use Props Wisely: While it’s tempting to use a variety of props, we like to keep it simple, especially if the baby is already asleep. Soft blankets, wraps, and a few carefully chosen props can add to the charm without disturbing your baby’s slumber.
    5. Handle with Care: Be gentle when positioning the baby and avoid any sudden movements that might startle them awake. Patience is key, as it may take some time to get the perfect shot.
    6. Safety First: Always prioritize the safety of the baby. Never force them into uncomfortable positions, and always have a spotter nearby to ensure they are secure.
    7. Embrace awake times: Sometimes your little one will be awake. That is totally okay. We will embrace their awake time and let them burn that energy.
    8. Be Flexible: Babies can be unpredictable, so be prepared to adapt to their needs during the session. If the baby wakes up or becomes fussy, we take a break and try again later.

    By following these tips and remaining patient and flexible, we increase the likelihood of capturing those precious moments of your sleepy newborn in all its adorable glory. With 13 years of experience under my belt, I’ll do everything I can to ensure your babe is sleepy and comfortable.

  • What Is A Client Closet?

    What Is A Client Closet?

    Is a Luxurious Client Closet what you’re looking for? Look no further!

    At Shanyn Nicole Studios, we understand the importance of feeling confident and beautiful during your maternity and newborn photography sessions. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer access to our luxurious client closet, designed to elevate your experience and ensure you look and feel your absolute best.

    Our client closet features a carefully curated selection of high-end maternity gowns, dresses, and outfits. These are meticulously chosen for their quality, elegance, and versatility. Whether you’re envisioning a soft and ethereal look, a classic and sophisticated style, or something bold and modern, our collection has something to suit every taste and preference.

    We believe that every woman deserves to feel radiant and empowered, regardless of size or shape. Regardless of your size, you’re able to find outfits that suite your body type and leave you feeling confident. 

    We will help you choose outfits that look best for your body. 

    From flowing fabrics that accentuate your silhouette to luxurious textures that add depth and dimension to your photos. Each piece in our client closet is thoughtfully selected to enhance your natural beauty and create stunning photographic memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

    Our team of experienced stylists helps you choose the perfect outfit. Tailored to reflect your personal style and vision. Whether you’re celebrating the miracle of pregnancy or welcoming a new addition to your family, we’re here to ensure that you look and feel absolutely breathtaking every step of the way.

    Not only do we offer a beautiful client closet, we have an amazing team of hair and makeup artists you can work with to feel your best. Check out one of our favorites, Gatsby! You can find her work here

    We have over 100 items to choose from. Our outfits include everything from body suits, chiffon draping fabrics, elegant gowns, modern dresses, leather jackets, and more. Take a look at some of the items below! All maternity sessions include a personalized consultation to create a one-of-a-kind session for you. Contact us today to schedule your session and unlock access to a world of timeless elegance and beauty.

    best maternity photographer Mesa, pregnancy photoshoot, luxury maternity experience

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  • Mesa, AZ Lifestyle Newborn Session

    Mesa, AZ Lifestyle Newborn Session

    Sweet Stetson was born at just a little over 4lbs. With an eventful pregnancy, his mama was so ready to get him out of the NICU and into my studio for his newborn session. I had the honor of capturing his older sister’s newborn session too! Fun fact, Stetson’s mama and I have the same OB/GYN (If you’re looking for an amazing OB/GYN I can’t recommend Eericca Bickley enough! You can find her information here)

    Stetson’s mama chose to do a lifestyle newborn session in our brick room. Our newborn lifestyle sessions are so sweet and capture the best little interactions. Newborn lifestyle sessions can be booked alone or you can add on a lifestyle portion to any posed newborn package. Newborn lifestyle sessions include everything our posed newborn sessions include. Such as styling, props, wrapping, access to our client closet, and so much more!

    If you have an older sibling who is 2-4, a lifestyle add-on may be a great fit for your family! Toddlers and small kiddos can have a hard time sitting and smiling for a traditional photo. In a lifestyle newborn session, you get a much more relaxed and interactive session. Less posing, more ability to move around. And because we have fewer restrictions, older siblings are much more inclined to participate.

    Additionally, lifestyle newborn sessions are great for those who enjoy a more relaxed look overall. Come in your comfy, everyday outfits, and don’t worry about dressing up (although a suit and dress are always a win in this room!) We have had families even come in their comfiest pajamas to cuddle on the best of our lifestyle room and bare feet are always welcome here.

    Ready to chat more about the options for your newborn session? Head over to our contact page to send us an email! We can’t wait to work with you.

  • Intimate Studio Maternity Session

    Intimate Studio Maternity Session

    As a Phoenix studio maternity photographer, You know what I love? This. A comfy, cozy, intimate maternity studio session in our brick room. I think that this style is so underrated when it comes to your maternity session. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. These sessions are for you. You are in complete control over your studio maternity session! Whether that is an oversized cardigan with a cute bralette, an oversized shirt, a ballgown, or silk! We carry all of this in our studio for your studio maternity session.

    Your maternity session includes a consultation prior to your appointment to complete your looks. This ensures that we have outfits that you love and that those outfits are clean and steamed for your session. This is when you get to pick out your outfits! If you aren’t sure the look is right for you, head over to our maternity gallery page. Need more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest! 

    If you’re ready to book your maternity session, head over to our contact form to fill out an inquiry.

    Woman in cardian for her phoenix studio maternity session woman in white shirt for studio maternity session woman in black outfit for maternity session woman in white shirt for maternity session pregnancy photoshoot in studio


    Want to learn more about our client closet? Head over to this blog!

  • Courtneys Studio Pregnancy Photoshoot

    Courtneys Studio Pregnancy Photoshoot

    Bold, colorful, and fun! That is what Courtney wanted for her studio pregnancy photoshoot with her husband. Courtney’s studio maternity session was so much fun to shoot. Not only was she beautiful, but they were so fun and kind as well!

    Courtney picked some of my favorite dresses. Fun fact, I wore the red version of her blue dress for my own pregnancy photoshoot! The dress is so flattering on everyone. We have it in three different colors (red, blue, and green!) Courtney was able to find everything she wanted in our client closet, which is available for every session in studio and most outside too! If you’re new to the client closet experience, head over to the blog post at the bottom of this post to find out more. A client closet is key in being able to find high end, luxury items for your session without having to buy something you may never wear again. 

    Have more questions about our maternity sessions? Head over to our contact form and send us a message! Follow along on Facebook to see the most recent session and get the latest news.

  • Arizona Newborn Session

    Arizona Newborn Session

    I’ve been a full-time professional photographer in Arizona for 13 years this year and it’s been a beautiful experience so far. Nothing short of amazing. Watching every family grow. Learning. And making plenty of mistakes to grow on my own. Meeting these new babies brings me so much joy. Newborn sessions are some of my favorite things to photograph.

    This beautiful girl did SO so good for her newborn session. It was so great to work with her and her family. We did her mama’s maternity session (which was also STUNNING!) and I was so happy to have them back for their newborn. I love it when families purchase all of their images so I don’t have to pick which ones to give. I can give them all to you! Here is just a FEW from this girl’s sweet newborn session I just had to share.

    Expecting a baby? Here are some helpful things to remember when booking your Arizona newborn session!

    • Newborn sessions take place 7-14 days after the baby has been born in my studio.
    • You can book your newborn session as early as 12 weeks into your pregnancy!
    • Our calendar books up 3-5 months in advance. Sometimes we have last-minute openings, however, it’s always best to book your newborn session in advance.
    • We provide everything for your session. Outfits, props, headbands, and more.
    • We offer full service at my studio. I offer prints, wall art, albums, and more.
    • I am fully trained to handle your babe in the safest possible way. Their comfort and safety are my number 1 concern!
  • Phoenix Studio Maternity Session

    Phoenix Studio Maternity Session

    See highlights of a studio maternity session

    Not a frilly dress person? I got chu. Brigit came in for her studio maternity session and knew exactly what she wanted. Simple. Classic. Something that won’t go out of style. And she wanted to show off her bump, which I LOVE! Nude maternity can be done in such a beautiful way.

    Brigit wore a black dress and body suit from our client’s closet. In addition, we also used a beautiful silk from our client’s closet! Our silks come in every color you could imagine. A thing I love about the silks is that they can be worn in so many different ways. One silk can provide 5+ different looks for your maternity session.

    I recommend booking your maternity session early in your second trimester. When we shoot your maternity session I suggest you be 30-33 weeks along. We want to shoot when you’re showing but not too uncomfortable and swollen.

    Head to our contact form to get your studio maternity session booked today!

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  • Studio Newborn Session Mesa, AZ

    Studio Newborn Session Mesa, AZ

    See Highlights of A Newborn Session Taken In Studio

    The pressure is always on when you get the honor of photographing another photographer and their family. Tessa booked her studio newborn session for her sweet girl pretty much as soon as she found out she was pregnant! I sure do love a planner.

    Emry was born at a chunk 10 lbs and was every bit as sweet as she looks. Her deluxe newborn session was so perfect. Including a mixture of naked, wrapped, and prop poses. Not every baby will always cooperate for unwrapped, naked poses. This girl did though!

    Our newborn calendar is booked through May 2024 with only 5 spots available per month. Looking to get on our calendar? Head over to our contact page to book! Follow along on Instagram too!

  • Sunset Mesa, AZ Maternity Session

    Sunset Mesa, AZ Maternity Session

    Let’s plan your AZ maternity session!

    I am so grateful to be back in our desert capturing your sunset AZ maternity session without the 119-degree temps! The summertime is nice for the later sunsets, but good golly, those temperatures this summer were a beast.

    Tayla and her husband chose a sunset maternity session in the desert to capture their pregnancy. Their sweet girl, whom I will also have the honor of photographing when she arrives, will be joining us this November. Tayla wore two dresses from our client’s closet! Both dresses are available for our clients to wear for their sessions.

    Sunset AZ maternity sessions are shot in the east valley and start anywhere from 1 to 2 hours before sunset, depending on the location. Planning for an AZ Maternity session is best when you are confident with your bump! However, I recommend doing your maternity session no later than 33 weeks to avoid swelling and discomfort.

    I’m booking maternity sessions through March 2024 and would love to chat with you if you’re expecting soon. Follow along on Instagram to see the most recent photos.