How to have the best Phoenix cake smash session

Baby crawling away from cake

Whether it is your first baby or third, when it comes to their first birthday you want this moment to be perfect. When booking your Phoenix cake smash session there is a lot to consider. Theme, outfits, props, cake, poses! And even more worrisome will your baby eat the cake? Will they cry? Will this be a fun experience? Those are all very real and valid concerns, no matter how experienced of a mother you are.

Phoenix Cake Smash Session tips

As a mother of 5 I know that children are unpredictable. As a 13+ year veteran working with small humans as a portrait photographer I know that you can absolutely prepare them for this. And the more you prepare, the better your session will be. Now, of course your child could always just be having a bad day (don’t we all!) and if that’s the case, my studio always offers a complimentary re-schedule. Let’s talk about how to make your Phoenix cake smash session the best! 

Baby crawling away from cake

The most important thing (and I cannot stress this enough) is allowing your baby to be hands on with food from an early age. Babies who have been allowed to make messes, feed themselves, and experience different textures, have a much higher success rate with the cake smash. I highly encourage all of my parents to give their babies cupcakes in the weeks leading up to the session. Buttercream is an interesting texture. If your child has never been introduced to it, they’re not likely going to be the most interested in it when they’re thrust into a new environment.

baby eating cake in Phoenix cake smash session

Scheduling their session during a time of day where they aren’t tired is also key. Personally, I prefer very early morning sessions as that is when babies are happiest. If you have a super early riser, just let me know! I am happy to schedule a 7 or 8am cake smash session time for you. Additionally, if your baby has a sudden nap change just reach out. I would absolutely rather change the time (or day) to ensure that your baby is the happiest. At the end of the day, the main goal is a happy baby (and happy mama) I’m here to make sure that goal is reached!

Baby eating cake on white backdrop during cake smash portrait session in Phoenix

Making sure your baby has a good meal before their Phoenix cake smash session is so important! A hungry baby does not mean they’ll eat the cake. It means they’ll be hangry. And let me tell you, no one wants that. Additionally, you will want to make sure you bring a bottle (or sippy cup) to the session. Cake is thick and they will want something to drink. If you forget it, that is totally fine too! We have water bottles at the studio for you to use. I also recommend bringing their favorite treats. That way if they aren’t super interested in the cake, we can put their treats on the cake and that almost always does the trick!

If you’re looking for more information on when to book your Phoenix cake smash session or have other questions, don’t ever hesitate to reach out! You can reach us by head to our contact page.

All of our cakes are made by the amazing Ashley at Amour De Sucre. One of my favorite things is that she can create a cake for your babes birthday to match their cake smash set!

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