When To Book Your Newborn Session

This is my most commonly asked question. When do you book your newborn session? We don’t know exactly when the baby is going to come. How do we plan?

Because of that unknown factor, we won’t set the actual date for your newborn session until your baby is actually born. That does not mean that you should wait until the baby is born to contact me. It’s actually quite the opposite. Our studio only accepts 10 newborn due dates per month. This is because we don’t want to overbook ourselves and not have an opening when your baby is born.

Most parents book their newborn sessions in their second trimester. And it is okay if you don’t know what package you want when you book your session! All you need to do is place the retainer, $150.00, to hold your spot on our calendar. This retainer fee is deducted from your total package when it is due at your session.

If you have more questions on when you should book your newborn session, just reach out and we will answer any and all questions you may have.

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